Memory Development [Google]


Having a good memory is very important. Studying the biographies of successful people in any field, I found one thing in common - they were superior to competitors in this parameter.

Memory has its own whims. Often we suffer, trying to remember something that “weighs on the tongue,” which should be remembered, but eludes us.

Things have changed with Google.

In my youth, it could take months until you find the end of the chain of memories - the book where you read something, the notebook where you wrote it down, the person who gave the information.

Now, with the help of Google, the process has escalated.

With perseverance, relying on the speed and versatility of this search engine, you can find not only external information, but also the one you are trying to remember.

Here's a diagram:

Something comes to mind, for example a film, and you, by associations, move on to the meaning as conveyed by the director ... and then you discover, to your shame, that you don't remember the name.

OK Google - the name of the film - the director - and you can watch this person's childhood photos, find out the names of his relatives.

Our memory is arranged like this - information is linked by a chain of association. There are special techniques, let's conditionally call the NLP technique, remember, for example, in detective films, during interviews with witnesses, they are forced to calm their breathing, close their eyes, remember sounds, smells, lighting, before an important event, the details of which need to be remembered.

I myself train my memory this way - first I try to remember myself, without asking, without looking for an answer either in books or on the Internet.

You need to strain very hard, meditate, remembering all the “surroundings” of the necessary information in the depths of memory, exactly according to the described NLP method.

If there is no result, I switch without repeating attempts to remember.

This is how the subconscious mind works. On average, after 10 minutes, it helpfully provides the necessary information.

Sometimes I would wait a couple of days, and after 48 hours the answer would pop up from the depths of my memory.

This is the ability to train, and you can say that I have the right to give you advice, because my memory is impeccable.

Then I turn on all the power of Google, and, as it were, I reward the subconscious by looking for information everywhere, with pictures, audio, video.

Try it, do it sometimes, and by the 10th try you will find that memory is trainable, trainable, and gives information more and more willingly.

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