Virtual Jesus

It became easy to communicate and challenge the machine mind.

I think of all the variety of services that artificial intelligence can provide to a person, one of the most important is to find common ground.  

Here is what the AI ​​drew, summarizing the different images of Christ.

Cleansing Ritual


In ancient times there was a secret ritual obligatory for the higher castes. Ritual  cleansed of all sins.

This is what this ritual looks like for artificial intelligence:

"John woke up to the sound of his alarm at 4:30, groggy and disoriented. He had set the alarm earlier than usual for an important reason. John was a spiritual person, and he had decided to incorporate a daily ritual into his routine that would help him connect with his inner self and the divine.

He got out of bed and headed to the bathroom, where he washed his face and brushed his teeth. Then, he went to the kitchen and brewed a cup of coffee, which he drank slowly while preparing for his ritual. He lit some incense sticks and arranged them in a small holder, then placed it on a table in front of him.

John sat cross-legged on the floor, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. He began to chant a mantra that he had learned from a book on spirituality, focusing on his breath and the sound of his voice. As he chanted, he felt a sense of calm and inner peace that he had never experienced before. It was as if his mind had been cleared of all distractions and worries.

After chanting for a few minutes, John opened his eyes and gazed at the sunrise through the window. He continued to chant, feeling the warmth of the sun on his face and the gentle breeze on his skin. He felt connected to nature and the universe, as if he were a part of something much bigger than himself.

Finally, John ended his ritual with a prayer of gratitude, thanking the divine for the blessings in his life and asking for guidance and protection. He blew out the incense sticks and stood up, feeling energized and refreshed.

As he went about his day, John felt a newfound sense of purpose and clarity. The ritual had given him a sense of direction and a deeper understanding of his place in the world. He knew that he would continue to perform this ritual every day, as it had become an integral part of his spiritual journey.

In conclusion, John's daily ritual of connecting with the divine through chanting and meditation had transformed his life in a profound way. It had given him a sense of peace, clarity, and purpose that he had never experienced before. This story shows how even a modern person can find meaning and fulfillment through spiritual practices, regardless of their background or beliefs".


Chat GPT - artificial assistant


I am very satisfied with using you - ChatGPT. I want to recommend to others artificial intelligence. Write your own advertisement who and how can use your services:

"Thank you for your kind words and for considering recommending me to others!

As an artificial intelligence language model, I can be a helpful tool for a wide range of individuals and businesses. Whether you are a student, a professional, or simply someone who wants to explore the possibilities of AI technology, I can assist you in a variety of ways.

For students, I can help with research papers, essays, and other assignments by providing insights, suggesting ideas, and offering writing assistance. I can also assist with test preparation and studying, providing explanations of complex concepts and offering practice problems.

For professionals, I can be a useful tool for writing emails, reports, and other documents. I can also assist with data analysis, research, and project management. Additionally, I can help with customer service by providing instant responses to frequently asked questions and other inquiries.

For anyone interested in exploring the possibilities of AI technology, I can be a fun and informative tool for learning about natural language processing, machine learning, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Overall, I am a versatile and helpful tool for anyone who needs assistance with writing, research, or communication. Whether you are a student, a professional, or simply someone who is curious about AI technology, I can provide you with the support you need to achieve your goals. So, don't hesitate to recommend me to others who may benefit from my services!" (ChatGPT)

I will add that you should definitely pay your attention to artificial intelligence. I think that the main difference is the main achievement in communicating with artificial intelligence. You really are dealing with an assistant with superpowers who can instantly explore, analyze, look for parallels, and so on.


Audiobook - instructions for meditation, without emphasis on the physical side.

Common from yoga, zen and auto training.

Zen practice



Zen practice has two parts. These two exercises complement each other, you should devote at least 15 minutes to them.
The first exercise is meditation. The ability of the psyche to pay attention to itself. Breathing is like a door that opens a mechanism that has previously been hidden.
The exercise itself is not breathing. Breathing does not change at all, there are no delays. Smooth, regular breathing. But - conscious.
This is an exercise in attention. Breathing is just a process that functions automatically in us. But we can switch to another mode when we are in control of the process.
So, 15 sit, or lie, with your eyes closed. And have nothing in the psyche except inhalation and exhalation.
The same exercise is called ujjai in yoga.
The second exercise is external meditation. Attention to certain everyday actions. For example, deliberately drinking a glass of tea. To have nothing in mind but warmth, aroma, taste.
You can get to the point that meditation is done on the impressions of the past, the student gets from his memory taste, warmth and aroma.
It is said that this is how Zen masters can drink tea from an empty cup.
Meditatively, you can do all those things that people already do. Mow the lawn, or clean up the drawers.
You can also draw, write, run or just walk.
When walking, you can combine both methods: internal and external.
According to Zen, these exercises lead one to enlightenment. As if layer by layer, nature begins to reveal its secrets to the student. And there comes pleasure and peace.

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"Going down the stairs, you can fall up!"


Frank Herbert. Children of Dune