David the Builder


The people express their attitude to the rulers in the form of a second name, added to the official title.
One of the kings, David the 4th, was christened by the Georgian people the Builder.
No other ruler has carried out such progressive reforms than he.
Under his rule, Georgia became free, conquered territories, returned Tbilisi.
I will try to add a couple of finishing touches to the portrait.
David had a spiritual mentor who formed him, George, who takes part in all military and political affairs of his pupil. The merit of this man has been duly appreciated by the Georgian people - he is canonized.
One of the advantages of the young king was his openness to the new.
All leaders are readers, the saying goes, and in our case it is true. David loved to read, used every free minute. Charter, ordered to read aloud to others. Once he was carried away by reading so much that the enemy almost captured him.
Together with other reforms, he authorized the opening of several higher educational institutions, inviting specialists from abroad.
He was as cruel as duty demanded, and he eradicated excesses in the secular and spiritual estates.
With a feeling of gratitude, I join the immeasurable respect of the whole of Georgia for the King the Builder.
The memory of David the 4th is the benchmark that my friends and I were equal to in our youth, the current generation is equal, and the next will be equal as long as Georgia exists.

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