One day Beethoven was returning home at night. Music was heard from the next doorway - his still unpublished work.

Surprised, he went to the source of the sound and found a blind girl who, in complete darkness, was sitting at the instrument and playing. Apparently, she heard this thing when Beethoven himself composed it - their apartments were next door.

Touched, full of compassion for the blind girl, Ludwig asked for her place at the piano, and began to play something completely new, composing impromptu.

The room was lit only by faint moonlight, which made things more wonderful, more magical.

What did the composer try to convey through the harmony of the sonata called "Moonlight"?

Beethoven's mind seemed to have sealed the moonlight, making it possible for each of us to contemplate the world, sparkling like a dream, like a mirage ...

But in the "moonlight sonata" not only this beauty, there is also the sadness of the great composer, the sorrow for all of us, half-blind, half-deaf, unable to rise into the spheres of harmony, accessible to a few.

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