Bob Marley


Religions of antiquity, special services of our time, spiritual teachers and charlatans, scientists and adventurers - they all explore the mechanisms of influence.

I've been researching all of this all my life, using it in advertising, to create videos. Maybe my experience will be useful to you.

There are three complementary components: meaning; images; rhythm.

A Vedic ritual, or a motivating session, a superstar concert, or a successful advertisement - everything can be viewed through this prism, isolating these three levels.

I first prepare the text, translated and dubbed mp3 file.

Add photo and video files

I add music, sounds of waves, or birdsong at the very end, in the form of a background.

I have experience, one way or another successful, so feel free to use my scheme.

To better demonstrate what I'm talking about, I'll use an example - the work of Bob Marley, adored by the whole world. Successful.

A leader in their field.

We understand his songs without even knowing the language.

There is a known case when in Japan, the whole audience repeated the words from the songs, Without understanding the meaning.

70% of information is transmitted non-verbal - facial expressions, gestures, timbre.

We can understand the meaning of his songs at an extra verbal level.

The music itself, reggae, with an emphasis on rhythm, calm, intertwined in different ornaments is the support that changes the mentality of the listener.

At his concerts, lasting for hours, people literally fell into a trance.

Different people, from different cultures.

With songs he conveyed his reasoning, his philosophy.

Good. Light.

Slightly naive, and thus even more attractive.

... that if you listen to life, it mystically answers us.

... that skin color is as irrelevant as eye color.

... that his mission is to promote good through his gift.

Alas, it did not work out with good - dirty people tried to use Bob Marley in political games, repeatedly tried to kill him. He emigrated ...

The singer did not take a leg injury seriously while playing football. The result is cancer, a belated attempt to fix the situation, a hospital ... but to no avail.

Bob passed away young. The funeral was attended by the entire political elite, life in the country was paralyzed, the adoption of the budget was postponed for a week.

To shine, you need to burn.

He shone brightly, 36 years old.

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