Tamara the Great


"Lion's whelp is equally lion, though female or male it is".
Since the 12th century, my homeland has lived, idolizing a person who determined the attitude of men to women.
Equally - with this word he determined the course of development, incredibly difficult, given the Muslim environment and the ongoing struggle with the conquerors who adhere to a radically opposite view.
"The Knight in the Panther's Skin" is something like Georgian sacred source. The poem is known by heart, despite its length - 1669 verses.
According to legend, the author himself drew his inspiration from the sublime love for Queen Tamara.
Queen Tamara - a woman, a politician, a saint - beloved of the greatest poet of Georgia.
The verse on equality between men and women, in my opinion, is the embodiment of this great woman.
During her reign, my homeland was stronger than ever.
Her authority is so great that in Orthodoxy she is numbered among the saints, in Russian "lives" she is sometimes called Tamara the Great.
Mass unconscious almost deify her, using the most ancient and most sacred archetypes.
Georgian folk beliefs Tamara did not die, but "sleeps in a golden cradle; when the voice of human sorrow reaches her, she will wake up and reign again.”
Georgian highlanders perceive Tamara as a holy healer of all ailments.
I am proud of my homeland, which since the 12th century has lived according to the civilized principle of gender equality.
Proud of the Great Poet, and of his only love,
Queen Tamara the Great

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