He lived for a long time, in the USA. He began as an ordinary worker, gradually climbing the pyramid, until he acquired not only this, but also the shares of most other giant companies.

He became one of the richest people in space and time.


After his death, in a drawer of his desk they found a motto, drawn up by him in his youth, in which he wrote that he would spend half of his life on accumulating wealth, and the second on charity.

Foundations and buildings are named in his honor. His name is heard by every inhabitant of the earth.


But I will allow myself not to mention his name.

I will do it differently, I will tell you the names of several people who lived or live according to the same principle, and whom I respect very much:

Andrew Carnegie; Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos; Mark Zuckerberg.

I would go on, but these names are enough. I found out about their charity by chance, either in an article or via YouTube.

Probably, if the Middle Ages were in the yard, everyone would be canonized during his lifetime. But in our time, for example, I, an ordinary person, are touched to the depths of my soul, and on behalf of the rest of humanity, I want to thank and wish long life to all of them, and the blessed memory of Andrew Carnegie is already a fait accompli.

Today is a new year in my homeland, according to the old calendar. But we celebrate it just like the usual one. 


I want to wish these people a Happy New Year, and wish them long lives.

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