10 01 2021

Two Zen masters met. At that time, and in that place, the meaning of life for these people was in knightly duels. One of them was called Miyamoto Musashi, and already at the age of 13 he entered this dimension, killing his first opponent, a samurai from the Shinto-ryu martial arts school. Please note, Miyamoto did not use the sword, while waiting for the enemy to prepare, the boy broke a branch and roughly processed it, about the length of a regular sword.

Did I get your attention?

A man, a famous martial arts master walked all over Japan, Nippon, as they call their homeland, the Land of the Gods.

13 the boy responds to the "promotional offer" and steps into the game.

The game at that time was going on constantly. People living according to the military philosophy, improving their skills, conducted duels.

So, 13 the boy broke the head of the formidable champion, and he himself stood on this pedestal. He had 60 such fights in his life, not to mention the usual murders, and several military campaigns in which he participated.

He, like other Zen masters, improved themselves all the time, proving to the world that he was an unsurpassed warrior.

“Bushido - the Way of the Warrior - means death. When there are two paths to choose from, choose the one that leads to death. Do not reason! Direct your thought on the path that you preferred, and go ”!

But I want to tell you about another fight, bloodless.

You see, we are in the 21st century, and the world has changed. And I want those ancient truths, ways to improve myself, somehow adapt, for myself. I cannot write about the tradition of martial arts, where 13 boys and a tried and tested warrior meet in the forest, so that one of them will return.

Therefore, I will offer my version of the Path of Strategy. If you like it - enter here on this Facebook page, subscribe and follow the continuation. So, let's just ignore the cruelty - we need them for an allegory, and not in the form of accurate chronicles.

There are motivation mechanisms that we will touch on in future conversations, but I will say it very briefly here to explain my whim with all these virtual weapons and images of virtual duels. To explain the mechanism of work efficiency, one smartest researcher gives an example of construction.

People work, build something, and a passer-by asks them what they are doing. And some answered that they work, build, get bread for themselves and their families. Others said that in addition to the economic benefits, they enjoy working in a team, together the residents of the city are building something for the city. The third responded that they were trying to build the most magnificent Cathedral in the world.

One and the same job, and three different levels of attitude towards it.

The third level gives birth to masters, Zen, music, literature, stock market games, it doesn't matter. The process is just as important as the result. It can be turned into a game. Remember how seriously young children play. Play is the peak of creativity and activity. The term "Flow" is a special mental state of creativity that we have all heard of. It is achieved precisely by this game of business, politics, and spies. And the term play does not mean frivolity. On the contrary, the most serious thing, for games of spies, games of patriots, gambling, strategic war games - all these terms show how this concept is reflected in the mass unconscious.

For my own motivation, I use the image of a strategy, Zen masters, virtual weapons. Maybe this is how I try to include my right brain hemisphere in processes that require logic, qualitative and quantitative assessments, analysis and planning of future stratagems.

So, a world of virtual mastery that transcends the crude understanding of martial arts as a tool for killing each other.

An example is the Middle Ages, Nippon, the land of the gods.

Two masters of strategy met in the ancient city for a duel. One was the adult Miyamoto. Only blood could decide who was cooler.

Or not?

They looked into each other's eyes and one invited the other to the nearest tavern.

The order did not greatly surprise the owner of the tavern; two warriors, hung with weapons, leaned it all against the walls and sat down at the table, demanding a strategic game of Go.

Japan loves this game.

The masters played for a long time, finally got up, bowed, and left in different directions, recognizing their opponent as an equal.

"You cannot conquer everyone, but it is possible to become invincible yourself. For death is always a way out of the situation. If there is a danger of capture or any other threat to the Honor of the Warrior, he commits suicide, painful, digging his stomach, making geometric shapes in his gut, for this, he carries a ritual short sword, more for himself than for others, he must control himself, not scream, fall in a certain direction.

Something like the "Blood Eagle" of the Vikings. The Test of Life - not screaming, falling in a certain direction - dying, losing control of the body and mind.

Even the most severe wars considered all this difficult, sometimes losing consciousness, a person begins to scream in an unconscious state. Therefore, an Assistant, friend or foe, or a passer-by who agreed to become an assistant, and beheading the suicide was introduced into the suicide ritual, after he ripped open his stomach, saying the last verse of his Vision on the Threshold of Death.

The posthumous verse of Taiko, a military ruler who possesses incredible power, a fourth of the entire earth, is known and who built a fairytale castle, filling it with looted gold.

"As a drop I am born, as a drop I will disappear,

  Osaka Castle and all that I have achieved

  Just a dream ... In the same exact dream,

   Before stepping into the abyss. "


The Military Estate specially developed contempt for the fear of death. This increases efficiency. This has been done in different cultures. If a young samurai, from 11 years old, who received a sword could go out and try on the first ones met from the lower castes, then in ancient Sparta the Spartans arranged annual hunting days, exterminating their own slaves who did not hide on this "holiday". Let me remind you of the Viking rituals, where they kill, die themselves, participating in various sacrifices.

All this was necessary in ancient, harsh times.

The warrior had to cross out in himself mercy, fear of pain, death. All of this is understandable and all of this is outdated.

So, two champions from this cruel world met, fought, and parted, scanning each other through the prism of Go.

As in films and books, heroes, often brutal killers, sort things out with the help of chess.


This is what I liked.

Let's compete, train bloodlessly. In virtuality, you can and should hang yourself up with weapons, like a virtual master of strategy, and compete with others, just like traders around the world, like directors, writers, etc.

This image will help you and me to color the boring listing of the necessary tools you need to defeat your competitors, which is the essence of capitalism. Whatever one may say, but each of us competes with others. You don't have time to read posts all day, so I took away the minutes that you spent reading my words from other writers. You didn't have time to read them.


I have finished the preface, and I want to move on to examples. It is better to see once what can be used and how skillfully, the third is a little time using free tools. This is the weapon that you must put on in order to win in virtuality, and improve your skill, as masters master archery, fencing, aikido, etc.


Yesterday I walked in the park and took several shots on my mobile. Now I will process the material in a free program that I mastered a couple of months ago.

This is a simple and convenient program, choose one for yourself, and after a couple of weeks of study and practice, you will be able to work with different formats of video, audio, pictures.

Now I stop writing and come back, add a couple of paragraphs and publish this post with video. Let's see what happens, I will tell you how much time I will spend on video processing, what and how I will use to correct errors and translate the text itself.

In a word, from this place there will be a chronology of what and how I use. My Virtual Weapon Set.

So, 8 o'clock in the morning, I leave to prepare the video.

It's already 8 pm. I just finished a video file.

I will now use Facebook Creator Studio to post this post on my Facebook Virtual Zen School page. Creator Studio allows you to upload a post to Instagram with one click. Since the video was released for more than two minutes, I use IGTV on Instagram.

I will also post on Blogger, YouTube. I will give links on Pinterest and Twitter.

I think by nine o'clock everything will be ready. These are The Chronicles of 13 hours of my work.

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