Google and Facebook search engines

Whether the search engines Google and Facebook are better at indexing your site, or worse, depends on a single factor.

Your website is a neutral territory for Google, if you have not done it on the Google sites or the Blogger, or at least not integrated into the site the YouTube, a search bar on the Google, the Google Translate or something else with the name of the Google.


The machine world is very simple in its foundation. Everything is divided into different classification models. Your site may be part of Google's own territory if you do the above. And the Google search engine will show it differently from another company's search engine . It resembles the recognition system from military developments "Friend - Alien".

Facebook is even harsher. Your site is not located on the virtual territory of Facebook, and by directing the reader from the territory of Facebook, you are committing an act "unfriendly" to business. By sharing a link in your post, you take customers away from Facebook itself.

Even by doing ads, paying for traffic, you can catch the difference in prices. For example, if you drive traffic to Instagram, the CPC will be great and you will be surprised and happy. With traffic to a regular site, all this is not, advertising is like advertising, everything is sold as well.

Now a conclusion from all that has been said.  

ntegrate your site with Google and Facebook. 

yogavato com, where you are now is my territory, but Google gives it to me through Blogger.

The site integrates Messenger, with pages Virtual School of Social Net

You are partly on the territory of Google and Facebook, by the way, provided by them for free.

I drove traffic here using a Facebook ad account. 

To further optimize the CPC for the better, you can repeat everything I explained and see how the number of visits changes dramatically, even without any advertising.

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