First acquaintance with Google and Facebook


10 years ago, I spent the summer outside the city, wrote a book, laid it out in parts, I had a slow Internet, but it was possible to correspond with readers, so I thought that the Internet is a wonderful thing, you can be kind of at ease, cleaning thoughts, and communicate, correspondence.

In the fall, having arrived in the city, I “got acquainted” with Gmail.

Before meeting Google, I thought the Internet was something for writers and their readers. Someone who has more experience shares, whether paid or free, with others who are less experienced. I had “virtual shelves with books,” readers came in there and took them with them, or read there, but the books did not diminish from this. You see, my generation grew up without the Internet, without computers. All this was already like a realized fantasy. In my youth, I had nothing more complicated than a tape recorder, and video was already a luxury.
My brother and I bought the first computer 25 years ago and were happy playing strategy games. Around that time, I heard a very good idea about someone in the US selling books over the Internet. I like it. I was not surprised, years later, to learn that this person has become very successful in business. Let's talk about Amazon again, in the end, 2 days ago, I became their partner.

Sometimes people feel that a certain idea is very good. Both the authors of the idea themselves, and others who begin to believe in them, invest time and money. All these companies, which originated in the garage, by one or a couple of "crazy" who already at the very beginning saw that zest, that idea that made their business into something incredible. The circuit is so similar that you will be surprised. All of them suddenly became fired up with an idea, dropped out of higher education, or a stable job, started an adventure that surprises friends. But they believed, and believed so that they did not sell the idea for millions. And others, more and more people, fascinated by the IDEA, began to join, either as clients or simply as fans.
When I come into contact with Gmail, I am shocked, as if I came into contact with the machine mind from science fiction. Which is not so far from the truth. The process itself, the first press, when you kind of shake the outstretched hand, accept the offer, and create an account.
In short, for me, who lived out of the city for six months, almost without the Internet, TV bases, the meeting with Google was impressive. Spam disappeared, along with Gmail they gave me so many things that I was shocked.
At the same time, I discovered Facebook, and since I missed communication for half a year of loneliness, I quickly began to find and add friends until I received a warning.
I remember writing my first post, something about freedom, about Google ... in a word, I expressed my emotions in a post. Perhaps our first posts are stored somewhere in the machine archives.

Now about the business approach.
Here is a diagram, try to understand the essence. Social media is a place where you can make money. Just like in reality, business is the sale of things or services.
What services, or what things can you sell?
I will answer.
Each of us has a unique experience, unrepeatable. These are the books we have read. In childhood or adulthood, 5 times or 10. Books that you would take to a desert island. Without which you cannot, re-reading from time to time. So talk about them, on your Facebook page or Blogger, Instagram ... Make a website and tell about books so that people can read their short stories with your eyes. Let the parents decide which book to buy for their child by reading your memories.
And the books themselves are on Amazon. There is an affiliate program, you just copy the photos of the books you like and post on your site, and if someone goes to your site and buys a book, Amazon gives you 10%.

Let's call it a New Year's gift - to anyone who wants to start making money online tomorrow. It's easy, I was able to figure it out and become a partner in an hour. Take this gift and have fun while doing business.

Your experience is unique because no one else has the same experience. Set a goal for yourself and go towards this goal - make a website or a page, write about books, look for beautiful pictures, stories, talk only about those books that you have read, and more than once. And believe me, you will have a reader. And sometimes someone will buy the books that you recommend, and you will enjoy not only from creativity, but also from the consciousness of what you earned with your talent, in a virtual world where processes are very accelerated, where fortunes are made, and one of the most incredible fortunes in history were made just by selling books over the Internet.
Happy New Year to all of you who read these words, and to all those who were mentioned by me. Thank you for support.

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