Facebook SWOT analysis


Facebook SWOT analysis:

The most inconvenient thing is that only a couple of billion people are registered on Facebook.

Here everything is controlled by God from the Machine - yes, I'm serious. Each of your posts is shown to others according to certain prescribed rules. Machine Mind is "friendly" to posts that don't send the reader out of Facebook territory. If your post is driving traffic outside, to competitors, the machine mind is "less friendly". Obviously, you would do the same. In the first case, the post will receive more organic impressions, in the second - less.

Now about the pros - you can get hold of a full-fledged site - page for free.

You can very conveniently upload videos, pictures using Creator Studio. Having mastered this free tool (easy to use to the point of genius), you also get access to Instagram. So with one shot you hit two targets, managing two accounts.

Make a page that automatically allows you to connect your Instagram account to it, transforming it into a business account. And you can post on both platforms with one click.

People voluntarily give, for their own convenience, some information to these platforms. Each of us did it: interests, education, demographics, friends, purchases, likes (likes and other interactions). Look at it from a business perspective - if you know how to target your advertising, you can, for example, show the residents of your area a video about your restaurant, or a Beauty Salon. At the same time, show advertising in a certain radius, only to women, those who are a little more profitable in economic terms (they often travel abroad, use the latest mobile phones, make online purchases).

You catch my thoughts.

We personalize Facebook with multiple shareholders. But in fact, young people, the smartest, work here every day (they hired the most of the best). To distract myself and satisfy my writing needs, I will tell you my feelings about the work of these guys. They do miracles. They have such an easy, intuitive control system that, for example, I registered this group, invited members, posted posts, and everything else that you see here at once, "with one click".

Just as easily, I copied the business account of the page to Instagram.

Learn from Facebook how to use their free tools (including Instagram). For example, ask how to make a page. And follow the instructions, click on the button.

You won't lose anything. And you will find what I want to convey to you - you, with your personal brand, or your small business, are admitted to the command center of one of the most gigantic companies. You see, they give you such tools for free that you cannot fully explore them, there are so many of them.

As for paid services, for me, advertising on Facebook turned out to be more effective than I expected.

There is a Creative Center. There you can practice how to advertise on Facebook. I can't help but express my admiration - after a workout, you lose the tension that is always present when composing real advertising - do not confuse anything, do not overpay, do not violate accepted norms, etc.

Thanks to training in the creative center, you will master the basics of advertising and will be able to show an advertisement to a person from the segment you need for a couple of cents by offering an "action button" with a link and a name: Book; Call; Contact us; Download; To buy tickets; Get an offer; Interested in; More details; Listen; Send a message; Open link; To order; Get access; Play; Preregistration; Request time; Save; Menu; To the store; Registration; Subscribe; More details; Send a message to WhatsApp; Session information; Submit your application.

I recommend the Creative Center - a simulator for your future success.

Now about the ability to choose the exact parameters of those to whom you want to show your offer. I just created an ideal targeting audience for my purposes in 10 minutes and transferred all my ads to this target audience.

Facebook gives you the perfect chance to experiment. In the marketing model, the company makes advertising and then uses quantitative and qualitative analysis to find out the result - surveys and focus groups, and this takes a lot of time. In the digital world, everything is very, very fast - you work with a machine, with perfectly written programs. You release an impulse, influence a certain type of people, chosen by demography, behavior, interests, and after a couple of hours you observe the results in numbers (quantitative analysis), and by reading comments, studying interactions (likes, etc.), you can do a qualitative analysis (analogue of focus groups ). All of this happens so lightning fast compared to the real world of business, where these procedures take weeks.

After a couple of days, the Machine Mind ends the "learning period" and the results improve so much that you won't believe it.

So far, I've managed to achieve something like this

$5 - 5000 coverage - 46 reactions (likes, subscriptions) - 13 reposts - fangs on the link 63.

All of this together can be found in the advertising account - "Price per interaction with the publication  $0.002"

There are still 0.003 and 0.007

My total budget is very modest.

But this morning I created an ad so perfect I never imagined it. I will write about the results (0.00?) When the “Learning Period” is over and the Machine Intelligence will turn on its capabilities to the fullest.

I will not go into advertising details in posts anymore - this is still an advertising account.

Spirituality is one thing, business is another. Business is a competition, you can't reveal everything to everyone.

I'll tell you a Legend. The Lion King entrusted the teaching of his son to a wise guru-cat. The lion cub grew up, became a king and decided to get rid of the teacher.

There have been such cases in history; political leaders killed their teachers. So it was with Seneca - an order came from his foremost student in the past, Nero, and the stoic philosopher, poet, politician who raised the young man of the emperor, opened his veins. He was old, the blood was weak, and he had to open the veins in his legs too.

Let's go back to the legend. The lion wanted to kill the cat, but she climbed a tree.

She survived due to the fact that she did not share all the knowledge, she left something for herself. The lion did not know how to climb the tree.

We are now reminded of the Upanishads, which very often end with an instruction to whom secret knowledge can be transmitted - only to a son or a student.

Spiritual knowledge should not be sold; only dakshina, a voluntary donation, a gift from a disciple, is received for it.

But business knowledge is another dimension. In the real world, after all, we all compete with each other, all with everyone. better than capitalism has not yet been invented. He's not perfect, but he's real. The USSR no longer exists, and the USA produces half of everything that is produced on the planet.

There are no ideal social models. People want to compete with each other for status on a certain social ladder. We're all included in this

 competition, it determines in which chair we sit, the driver or the owner of the car, and what this car is itself. We guard or we are being guarded.

I am speaking at length, because until now I have argued that my works are freely available. So all this will continue, but consultations in the field of Internet business, if someone needs it, will be an ordinary business product offered by the Virtual School.

I want to end with an announcement - I changed the audience targeting this morning, you know the numbers before that. After the end of the machine mind learning period, there will be new results. Let's see together, come back for a visit.

Join a group for learning. If the ancient sages saw what mechanism the wizards from Facebook developed to combine learning, they would sing a hymn to them.

I sincerely thank Facebook for all the pleasure that I experience “playing” with all these gadgets, which I have been telling you about for so long.

The video in the beginning is the ad I was talking about

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