Creative Immortality


I studied mythology, and I noticed that cold philosophy needs a counterbalance, in the form of plot, characters, tension.

Consciousness is designed in such a way that it needs balance. Logic and emotions, pure thoughts and artistic images are all necessary in synthesis. The reader perceives philosophical heights better when he imagines the teacher and the conditions in which these thoughts came to him.

Newton with his apple, Archimedes in the bath, Buddha by the tree ... We need this. We are not cold machines, but people, and therefore higher truths are better assimilated by us if they are submitted not only to the left, logical hemisphere, but also to the right, emotional one.

I started to use it.

I am writing a book, one long, virtual one, with audio, texts, films.

People stopped reading books. They began to receive information at an incredibly fast pace.

Now a different rhythm. Information is absorbed by several senses at the same time - what is happening here on Facebook and Instagram - videos, words, images, music - all this is mixed, people jump from one platform to another. And we, people of art, are given the opportunity to present our work to a wide audience.

Having dealt with social networks, studying the lessons, practicing, it is easier for me every day. It is a skill, and like any other skill, it develops through practice. I am creating one endless work, part of which you are reading. I found myself at the center of what I had dreamed of all my life as a writer.

Accurate analytics give exact figures on how many people have read my thoughts.

It is very nice. Every creative person will agree with me.

In Ancient Egypt, it was believed that every person has an astral part of the soul, KA. It was for the preservation of this ka that the pharaoh was mummified, carved in stone. And during the riot, on the contrary, in order to kill the long-dead pharaohs, their images and monuments were destroyed. As we all know this from the cadres of news agencies - another riot, and a crowd, throwing off monuments, killing the spacecraft of another dictator, sometimes long dead.

Sorry, I took your time, but I want to compare art with this KA, paintings are the astral image that the artist creates, books are the KA of the writer, music is the composer.

I found out a couple of days ago that Facebook and Google have a developed feature in the profile settings where you can wish that what you posted will be preserved after you. That's exactly what I did. I have put too much work into everything that you read, this is my virtual image. And with one click in the profile, I turned on a kind of virtual creative immortality.

As long as Facebook and Google exist, there will be my works, books, thoughts somewhere in the endless corridors of virtuality - a part of me, my virtual double.

On behalf of all creative people, I want to express my gratitude to them for giving us a chance for creative immortality.

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