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Finally, I learned how to communicate my thoughts to readers - in the last month, the coverage of the Facebook page was 945390 people; Instagram - 382760.

I mastered all this for a very long time, I accumulated something to share. Read on, what you read will come in handy.

How high does the tree grow? - I asked one smart business researcher, - he answered his own question as high as he could. This is the business model. You take a newspaper, fold it in half, then another, and another, and gradually the thickness of the folded newspaper grows until it turns into astronomical figures.

Any company strives for this, to grow and grow.

This should be done in business with the help of Social Networks.

You need to take one network, so to speak - the headquarters, and weave a web of other smaller networks around it.


A good comparison came to mind - it's all like a strategy game - you start with one "city", automate everything, and gradually expand your domain.

Strategies are made by the same young programmers who create social media networks. The control principle and mechanism are very similar.

The bottom line is to automate more and more processes, doing only general management, because micro-management is impossible if your empire is getting big.

Having figured it out, and following certain rules, you can gradually expand your presence in virtuality, moving on to new social. networks, multiplying sites.

The secret is that smart people have designed everything so that you don't have to keep an eye on your virtual holdings all the time. Automation can do everything for you.

In order not to philosophize for a long time, I will tell you specifically how it happens with me.

In addition to the two sites mentioned, I have another page and group on Facebook, a couple of sites on the blogger, Twitter, Pinterest.

If a year ago someone said that a million people a month would read me, I would have burst out laughing, then my site was visited by 2 - 3 people a day.

I have not studied social services anywhere. At the mention of HTML I lose the desire to live, and I feel an inferiority complex, so impervious to technology. If I could figure it out, everyone can.

I am an ordinary guy, the advertising budget is modest. Was supposed to get a new laptop, but spent some money on a few essential software like i translate, Video Pad, and Facebook ads.

And more than a million people ?! per month? I'm surprised by all this. I've never been very active on social media networks.

I am a writer, I know spirituality, and I can say that I know quite well.

Marketing, too, I know, touched in life.

And so, now I'm trying to figure out what from my past knowledge and experience helps in mastering virtual reality.

I think the main reason for the dramatic change in statistics is that I understand the importance of mobile. Here are the statistics for the last week of one of the sites on Blogger:

Android - 972 people; Windows-137 people; iPhone-101 people;

If you have a website, make it mobile, almost no one uses a PC anymore.

I will try to explain with specific examples how I manage multiple resources:

Google and Facebook have made the controls easy. A couple of times a day you check for notifications, and if there are any, follow the advice. It's like playing a strategy game. You quickly acquire the necessary skills and, having understood the control system, you can easily control several sites.

Thanks to Facebook Business Suite, comments are easily controlled.

Messenger can be set to answer automatically. It is easy to answer and in person by entering text by voice. The main thing is speed.

I heard that IFTTT existed - and connected Twitter to Instagram. So I have a very good Twitter account, My Instagram posts are automatically published there. I share a video there from YouTube.

I really like Pinterest, it's a different world, however, this can be said about all social media. networks.

They are different, and you can benefit from it, because different ways of communicating with the psyche of potential buyers are a marketer's dream.

Start with one network, the one you know best, and gradually move on to others, because all this is free, and on these social platforms you can do real business, or accumulate authority, recognition and everything else combined into the concept of "personal brand ".

It's none of my business, but maybe Mr. President should have paid attention to several social networks, and not governed one side, at the same time, not comparable with others in terms of impact and coverage. The numbers cannot be interpreted differently. Everything has been researched, look how much business people of different levels spend at different sites. As far as I remember, Facebook is leading, every manager in the US spends so much time looking for business information, connections and communication that I do not understand when they work. Rather, they work partially virtually. The top echelon should do this: searching for information, creating a community, branding - for which social services were created. networks.

We touched on "distribution" in two words, the way in which you should convey your posts to readers. Even if you are a businessman, this does not mean that you should only write about your product, in and illusion that everyone is interested in him.

Therefore, in the second part of this post, I devote to words, thoughts and information, everything that you should produce on social media. Even if you have a real hotel, if you don't have a corresponding virtual hotel-reflection made on the level, then you are vulnerable. Your business is not complete.

It is better to have several sites than one. And even different directions, somewhere overlapping. For example, I could, and maybe I will also make a Facebook page. Because, a certain offshoot has appeared, several posts about the art of war. I have always wanted to talk about Zen, I think this is the form of yoga that is spoken of in the Gita and the Upanishads.

I just returned, in 10 minutes I created a page for the Virtual School of Zen, I will also talk about bushido.

It turns out that I have three directions: Zen, yoga and social business. networks, these three topics attract a lot of people, and here's why. By doing advertising, I select the target audience or those interested in yoga, Zen, meditation and mythology; or internet business. Someone  interested in Social Networks. someone - yoga or Zen, all this is intertwined, new people subscribed.

The main thing is that I can write more targeted posts, and even advertise them in different ways. BusiDo and Zen are of little interest to women. This is called segmentation. I position the virtual school both as a yoga school and as a social school. Networks, and, from this evening, the Zen School.

There is also a group where training is possible, and there is the prospect of work and earnings. I invite you to the group, only there it is possible to delve into all the details.

Now about suggestion, advertising and influence.

20 years ago, I found myself with my friend at a focus group - a mystery for both of us, almost a mystical ritual. He was the owner of the company, he did not know much about marketing, because then all this was just beginning. He invited me as a psychologist who would be interested in the process. And so it happened, I began to help him, along with another young man. Both at this moment are members of the Facebook group - Virtual School of Social Networks, so they will read these words, and they will be pleased to remember our youth.

So, due to the lack of specialists, they invited a consultant from Holland. He lectured us, took $ 150,000.

I have memorized some of the knowledge, and I will pass it on to you, especially in a group, so join me, a decent amount was paid for knowledge 20 years ago.

The brand, according to this Dutchman, should be built in the form of a pyramid, consisting of a base, a body, and a top. Any brand, be it your product, your service, or yourself, your own personal brand.

The foundation is sustainability. Emphasis on the latest technology, raw materials, control.

You've probably seen an ad like this.

Transfer what I say to your business. Always start at the base of the pyramid.

This is the first stage.

The middle is the product itself. You must somehow separate it from similar ones. This is positioning.

To give an example: Xerox Corporation reached such a degree of positioning that people began to think of a copier as the name of a copier. When the Xerox Corporation, having become rich on copiers, began investing in computers, positioning, the holy grail of marketers, turned against it. Nobody bought computers with the name Xerox, people "did not see" them, because of the name computers were perceived as copying machines.

You need to find a unique position for your product, separate it from the competitor's product.

The third stage is the top of the pyramid. This is a kind of personal mental impact on the client, provided by the brand.

"Stop a moment, you are beautiful" - the famous phrase of Goethe. Very similar to the slogan of a carbonated, sweet drink "Alive in the present."

I like the approach - the emotion is caught correctly, “there is only a moment, between the past and the future” - a moment of pleasure. I will add, in the original by Goethe "The moment slowed down" ...

By observing examples from others, you must associate a brand with an idea that is popular with the masses. There are firms that use the emancipation of ecology, etc., to enter into some kind of emotional contact with a consumer who thinks in unison with these ideas.

Let's briefly go through all three stages of brand building, consider a personal brand.

The basis will be your education and work experience. The middle part is a description of the services or goods offered by you, while positioned, slightly different from the products of competitors.

And the peak, the top of the pyramid is your personal attitude towards customers. If large firms have to do this in a roundabout way, because they simply will not be able to make real contact with millions of their clients, then it is perfectly within the limits of possible for small businesses to establish warm relations with each of their clients. And for medium-sized businesses - using communication tools like WhatsApp, Messenger and others that expand the opportunity.

Having figured it out, I easily answer all the calls, provide the required information, and over the past month there have been a lot of people who have contacted me through these channels.

As in strategies, you are almost playing expanding your sphere of influence more and more.

TO the consultant also spoke of the golden triangle. No, not about the one that was turned into poppy fields in Asia. It turns out there is a golden triangle in every store. This is the name of the places that you see first, entering and leaving the store. I thought it was worth mentioning that too. Take, there is good research into how people look at a screen, a banner, or a poster with an advertisement. It turns out that in the upper left corner the most frequent fixation of the eyes is, slightly less, in the right corner.

If you put items in a regular store in a golden triangle, they sell better. In virtual stores, Facebook and Instagram, these laws work the same way. Display priority items in more central places, as if emphasizing them with paler goods around. Everything is relative. If you have all the same products, even if they are very good, people will have a hard time making choices.

Let's assume that there is already a lot of information for the post. But the new year, rest, holiday, and I share the knowledge for which my friend paid a rather large sum. Allow me a couple more paragraphs.

Let's move on to psychology. For whatever your product or service is, you and your colleagues are behind it all. There is an illusion that since in virtuality we do not see each other's faces, then we can be not sincere and hide it. This assumption is detrimental to your business. In the real world, you communicate with others through facial expressions, gestures, phenomena, voice timbre, gaze - not just words.

In virtuality, images are added to words. Pictures you exchange, chats, long posts like what you read. Do you think you would know me better if we were neighbors and met a couple of times a month in the elevator, or in the park, walking the dogs? I think communication on the Internet is the most intense, of course, if not compared with communication between people with the affect of mutual hatred, love, sexual attraction.

So, the personal brand that you will build must be sincere, for the reader will decipher you if you start to show off.

But sincerity does not mean stupidity or frivolity. In virtuality, you have even more power to influence than in the real world. Lines campaigned for cinema and the possibility of influencing the masses. We remember, because at school they imprinted his words - the slogans of the USSR. So, living in our time, he bi spoke differently, not cinema, but social. networks are essential because videos are an integral part of them, as are photos, music, texts.

Trust me, only branding giants survive in politics. Napoleon and Stalin were so meticulous in building their personal brands that they controlled their display to people. Napoleon said that the ruler should not be seen often, for example, at the opera. Stalin studied him, so he lived by these laws. In the last years of his reign, he admitted only a narrow circle. The rest of the world saw the processed images of the rejuvenated leader on the posters, and he personally approved each poster, each slogan.

If you think that you would have done something in his place differently, smarter, consider that there are 20,000 books in the Kremlin, with notes in the margins made by this amazing person. He entered the Kremlin about 40 years old, so he read these 20,000 books when he became a dictator, and controlling one sixth of the planet, he himself decided, for example, the length of the break in schools. The union knew the weight, showed the children a lighted room in the Kremlin - they say, when everyone is asleep, HE works, for the good of the rest.

After the changes and the collapse of that empire, everyone is skeptical about these stories, in the belief that the conversation is about another cannibal leader, who at that time really existed in the world. To dispel this illusion, I will tell the memory of Churchill, from his memoirs. He recalls that he and Roosevelt decided not to get up (Roosevelt made a sort of attempt, indicating a desire to get up, and Churchill got up if Stalin entered. So, these world leaders, very strong personalities, themselves having a lot of personal magnetism, submitted to the influence of Stalin. And According to Churchill's recollections, he did not notice how he jumped to his feet, and Roosevelt, as it were, half rose from his chair as soon as Stalin walked in. Churchill honestly admits in his memoirs that he was suppressed by Stalin's magnetism.

Enough about that, I’ll probably touch on the topic of personal magnetism and suggestion in the future, because there are several theories of advertising that are recognized in scientific circles. Installation theory based on the works of D. Uznadze, the author of this theory. We, psychologists from the university, then for the first time learned about the direction of advertising, using the methods of forming certain attitudes, as if a very improved theory of Pavlov and his conditioned reflex, we learned from a group of scientists who came from Japan to Georgia to study the theory of attitudes.

There is a sexual approach - people are programmed using sexual symbols, sometimes without their knowledge - the symbols are hidden in images, or are presented in the 25th frame, not noticed by the consciousness, but fixed by the subconscious.

All this I say to give you one more, valuable advice - do not overdo it. One suggestion slipped imperceptibly into the subconscious more valuable than a dozen direct calls to consciousness.

Finally, be creative.

Nobody helps me, I am absolutely alone in writing, shooting, doing videos, posting, etc. Therefore, I developed a brainstorming session for singles. I take and speak the text, entering with my voice. Like I'm actually giving a lecture. After I let the words stand, sometimes the whole night. Because the subconscious mind ponders the problem all night, and sometimes gives the answer in the morning. So, I sat down at the keyboard and destroyed almost everything I said. If I dictated five pages the day before, I leave five paragraphs.

Neither Russian nor English are my native languages, but thanks to Google translators, I can translate parts of it, the translation turns out to be passable, because this is not a work of fiction, the main thing is not to distort the idea.

In conclusion, I will repeat the main thing. Advertising, the influence of your personal brand, or the description of your products, services - all this should be at an honest level of transparency. People feel it. We communicate both at the consciousness level and at the subconscious level. And the most powerful influence is when the suggestion comes from the subconscious of the inductor and penetrates into the subconscious of the recipient. This explains the magnetic power of Stalin, who studied George Gurdjieff and his methods of meditation. And trained in the conditions of seven relocation, constant struggle for power.

But I admire Churchill. He rose even higher in my eyes, because of honesty with me, because he told the truth about himself, about his weakness. And he won from this, you catch the different approach of Stalin and Churchill. The first one killed everyone who in the future could tell about his weaknesses, such as "Devil's Hoof" - fused toes.

Honesty always wins because it is rare. Think of some of the paintings of artists in which they portray themselves, from a not quite good side. For example, Salvador Dali often appears on his canvases, sometimes naked, sometimes on his knees.

Dali had his own method of creativity, and spoke honestly about it, despite the competition and the huge amounts of money revolving around him.

Salvador said that he took an ordinary pen in his hand, and put a Silver tray below, and when a doze overcame him, the handle fell out of his hand, fell on the tray, the noise brought the artist out of his half-asleep, from where he brought out those brilliant images that fascinate us

But even if he painted less interesting pictures, we should give him 10 points for honesty and creativity. With this story, he made his paintings more attractive to the consumer. The client, as it were, was admitted backstage, he has already become a participant in this mystery, the removal of images from the subconscious. Be creative too. Not difficult, be honest, and all the time give something with your posts, some useful information, or knowledge, or humor.

And how you should call your posts, you decide for yourself, although the great maestro was ahead of everyone in this, and no one will ever surpass him in branding and shocking.

"Dream Caused by a Bee Flying Around a Pomegranate"

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