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Google заметки

My brother has never been friends with passwords on different accounts: on the phone; by email, on different platforms. I think you are straining from passwords too.
I advised my brother to use the "Sign in with a Google account" function - it's very convenient. You remember the only password, deal only with Google and open almost everything else with one click of a button.
Brother was too lazy to figure it out.
I decided to go the other way and involve him as the guys from Google and Facebook dragged us all into all these affairs - they give you something very necessary, important - an email, or a profile and communication with friends, and you start to learn more and more.
I recommended another program to my brother. He always asks us, then mom, then me or his wife, to remind him of something that he should do in the future. I think each of us has this problem - remembering the necessary things. So, I just showed on my phone how I wrote down the test - to remind, and set the time to 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, having seen everything with my own eyes, brother
silently installed and sorted out Google notes - a mechanism for reminding to-do's, handy lists. he actively started using Google Keep, and even asked me to help sort out other "toys" that Google gives. I cannot imagine an easier system than the one developed at Google - I understood immediately, my brother understood immediately, I raise my hands. Take it and try it.
It's very easy, you can write a lot of notes while dictating. And then combine different records into a single one, giving the form of a novel, research, post, or book.
I am writing this note just in this Google Notes program, just dictating. Incredible. I say and the words appear, there are simply no commas and periods, but you can communicate with each other in long texts, and the grammar is very easy to correct, if necessary, or even save a note by transferring it to the text from notes on Google Drive to Google documents. For example, this morning I opened this document which I wrote down yesterday as a note and saved it on Google Drive. I corrected several grammatical irregularities and already decided to close it when I remembered something from my childhood and decided to share with you.
He always walked around with a large notebook and pen. Even in moments when there was shooting around, he began to write down his thoughts in a notebook that he always carried with him.
And dead, or nothing, or good - we all know this saying. The man I will tell you about was a politician and some people still love him, and some hate him. But I have a different story, I knew him from the age of 6, our apartments were nearby, my son and I went to the same school, the same age, he took us to the cinema. The first time I saw “Sayings of Buddha” I asked him to give it to read, he really liked it, I was 11 years old. He had a large collection of books, including about Indian philosophy, he was a professor of drama, I have several more books written signed and donated by this very strange man who was exceptional in many fields in his life, was even a military ruler for several years. Knowing that I want to become a writer, as a writer to a writer, he gave me one piece of advice. In life, always and everywhere you need to carry a notebook and a pen and write down all your thoughts. It helps to form thoughts, collect, and facilitate the work of writing a book. Probably my dear friend would really like to have this Google Notes program, where it is so easy to collect your views, observations, plans by speaking a couple of sentences.
Try it, and you will be just humanly grateful to me for those 10 minutes that you spent reading my words and memories.

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