Where is the line between infatuation and fanaticism?

In art, this line is not welcome. Many creators tell how they are "obsessed" with the idea, characters and cannot get rid of them until they embody them in their work.

In business, such people are made for success. Scientists are reaching incredible heights.

In a word, fanaticism is the “fire” that burns inside some people when they create.

The term, I think, comes from "fan" - "abiding in God", from Eastern mysticism.

Great people, wherever they show their genius, are distinguished by this fanaticism for what they are exceptional in.

Einstein was so passionate about science that he forgot to change clothes when he left the house where his wife was caring for him.

They say that Socrates could get carried away by a certain mental construction in his head, ceasing to notice where he was. Sometimes he fell out of reality for a couple of hours, standing like a statue and pondering the philosophical depths.

Someone once asked why Michelangelo pays so much attention to detail in the corners of the chapel. “After all, no one sees them,” he was told. “God will see,” Michelangelo replied.

With this approach, I advise you to start meditations ...

And to every Cause to which you devote your life.

One guru respected by me cites the following legend:

“Be like a pearl oyster. There is a pretty Indian fable. If after the rising of the star of Swati it rains and a drop of it falls into the oyster, this drop becomes a pearl. Oysters know this and when this star shines in the sky, they come to the surface and wait to grab a precious drop of rain. When a drop enters the shell, the oyster quickly closes it and sinks to the bottom of the sea to patiently process the drop into a pearl. We need to be like her: first listen, then understand, and then, throwing away everything that distracts us from the goal, lock our consciousness to external influences and indulge in the development of truth within us.

Only those who can become obsessed with one idea will see the light. "

His teacher cited such an example - meditation will be mastered only by a person who strives for it, like a drowning man longs for a breath of air, and so that the thought "penetrates" into the students, he immersed them with his head in water, so that they would feel suffocation and thirst for air.

How can you not recall the famous saying of Jobs (who is fond of yoga) -

"People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who are really capable of it."


We must be obsessed with something to achieve perfection.

I believe that life really needs to be lived so that it does not hurt for wasted time. Self-study has never been so simplified. You can learn not only specifically about something, but also how to talk about it with others, how to spread it.

There is no greater satisfaction for a writer than being read. And if readers comment and spread his words, he is happy. I managed to understand social networks, enough to convey my idea to others.

You are reading my words at this moment.

So, believe me, it's not difficult. All information is available. Learn selflessly what you were born to do. Paint pictures, write music, become exceptional in something. And at the same time, study social networks - they will help both in finding information and distributing it.

I have been writing for a long time, but I paid attention to social networks recently. It would be nice if someone earlier gave me this advice that I am now giving you. Believe, whoever you are, whoever you become in the future, the ability to communicate your thoughts to others will be one of the cornerstones of prophetic success.

There is a legend of the Gnostics - "Hymn to the Pearl" - the myth of the "Savior", in Latin - Salvator Salvatus.

It is about a soul captivated by matter. The soul found itself in matter in search of spiritual wealth - a pearl.

My advice is like this treasure. Social networks are created to search for information, spiritual, technical - it doesn't matter. And to transfer to others the experience that you have accumulated.

Spend more time on them, whoever you want to become, the ability to collect and disseminate information will increase your chances in competition.

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