Jonathan Livingston


Jonathan Livingston Seagull - If you haven't read this little story, I envy you. You have unforgettable hours ahead.

There is a legend about how this story appeared in our reality. I want to believe that they reflect reality

In philosophy, there is the concept of divinely inspired scriptures. Different peoples have such texts. Their difference is that the authors claim that the text was written not by them, but through them, the higher mind inspired them, and they only wrote down what they heard. For example lead and are called - heard.

According to legend, this is how the story of the seagull was written.

Young Richard was a pilot - instructor, spent a lot of time in the skies in the literal sense of the word, and inspiration came to him.

He wrote two or three stories and could not finish the years, waiting for inspiration.

Finally he waited, and finished the story in one sitting.

In my life, the story of the seagull appeared everywhere several bound pages shot on a photocopier. Some magazine in the USSR took the risk of publishing this story. Someone made a copy and this copy came to me for 24 hours - that is how it was in my youth.

I want the younger generation to appreciate the benefits of our crazy tech time more. Despite the disadvantages of our time, the fact that with one click you can get a book, read in applications, controlling the lighting, font size, listening to what was printed - all this is so different from what it was in my youth.

Then, 30 years ago, I was loaned this difficult readable, copied story for 24 hours.

When I got home I read it. I waited a couple of hours and read it again. I remember the weather - it was sunny, summer, evening. I remember a song from a tape recorder.

I remember my emotion, my admiration - everyone who read the story about the Seagull will understand what I am talking about.

The story is incomparable, even better than the Little Prince.

Seagull named Jonathan Livingston about those who strive for excellence. You will see yourself in the main character, in his teacher, student ...

Read it, I advise ...

I envy the pleasure that awaits you.

I remember the second book by Richard Bach, where he tells the story after writing the story about the Seagull

He says that he wrote the story, gave the manuscript to the magazine and forgot about it.

Until a literary agent contacted him and advised him to check the bank account.

there were several million dollars.

It turned out that the story became popular Mega, bringing the author millions.

To recognize a person, we must observe him in moments of grief and happiness and judge by his actions whether light or darkness prevails in him.

Richard bought himself a small plane and flew the world looking for love

look for your other half ...

If the author is great, then everyone will find their own in his work.

Whether you are an ascetic meditating all day long, or a young girl in love, you will spend unforgettable hours with Richard David Bach.

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