YouTube is the most powerful impact tool. It's a Google tool that paid 16.5 billion to a few lucky youngsters for the concept.

Google has invested in the idea, in what this tool CAN be turned into. And since 2006, he has been investing resources in the implementation of his vision.

What's the concept? - "Express yourself"!

Forming your Personal Brand.

Among the competitors, YouTube rises like a giant.

He penetrated television, for example, my mother only watches YouTube on TV. Looks for information about healthy food, watches how they cook, nostalgic about films of his youth, or spends time on modern TV shows.

For example, I listen to music or audiobooks for hours.

Politicians, companies, Hollywood are officially represented on YouTube.

Education, audiobooks, discussions, TV shows - all of this is available to each of us.

And if it seems to you that I am trying to express my gratitude to this company, you are absolutely right.

But I also use YouTube for business purposes.

I am a writer, trying to advertise my thoughts in the form of videos. I also make audio books, lectures.

I download information from YouTube itself, recycle, and return it in the form of a video.

I do not think that using the sound of waves or singing birds is such a big violation of moral standards. Every day millions of people take pictures of everything beautiful around them. They're in the virtual depths of YouTube. This information can be used.

Here's my advice - shoot yourself, on your mobile, look for pictures, or video and audiobooks, download sounds, footage from different sites and transform all this to express your views, your judgments. Declare yourself! Your business.

Form your personal brand or product brand using different platforms. The most powerful of these is YouTube.

It is important to download materials in good quality. Then they can be processed in YouTube Creative Studio, or in Google Photos.

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