Subconscious [control]

A person uses a small percentage of his potential.

There is a ton of literature out there, with all sorts of techniques to use more possibilities.

I will describe my experience with regards to this. I will not give theories, I will confine myself to facts.

In Georgia, a group of psychologists was researching suggestion and self-hypnosis. I was fortunate enough to be present at some of the experiments, even though I was still in school.

I remember how they stimulated intellectual and creative abilities.

They suggest that a person draws well. And he gets better and better. After a dozen sessions, he is a professional. Watch the process of drawing in hypnosis, documentary footage of Raikov Studio, on YouTube.

I look at the process differently:

A wave of inhibition can envelop our mind and we fall asleep. But there remains a sentry hearth. For example, a mother wakes up from the slightest noise made by a child, although other sounds do not disturb her at all.

It is this focus that is the connection with the subconscious.

The hypnotist addresses through this "entrance" with the mind, which is immersed in inhibition, like a computer with passwords removed.

Strategy is the prerogative of consciousness. Tactics are subconscious.

It, like our personal biological computer, will process data and give an answer. We need to act urgently - tactics are synchronized with the composition of the moment.

I repeat, the time when a response, memory or impulse rises from the subconscious that is optimal for action.

It is important to clearly formulate the task for the subconscious.

The tone should be domineering, confident. It doesn't matter whose subconscious it is, the percipient or the inductor itself.

Better to back up the mental command with formation. You need to pronounce it in a commanding voice, in the present tense, as if an already accomplished fact.

Only such commands reach the subconscious.

“I want to influence others” is the wrong command.

“I influence others, it's easier and easier. This is my second nature "- correct.

The written formulas have an even greater effect - we ponder the text, write it down, read it loudly - the subconscious gets a task in different formulations.

I decided to write this note yesterday, saying: "OK Google, set the alarm at 6 am"!

I remembered - this is the command to the subconscious. Before going to bed, you can wish when you wake up.

I can wake up at a given hour, the training was not in vain.

The main thing is rapport with the subconscious.

Learn to formulate self-hypnosis according to the described scheme - the present, a fait accompli. Write down, say clearly several times before bedtime, immediately after waking up. Read what you write often.

Gradually, you will establish communication with the subconscious, and the hiding of the opportunity will become available.

You just need to choose the tone. 

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