Galaktion Tebidze is one of the greatest poets of Georgia.

Refined Symbolism - this is the definition prevailing among the researchers of his work.

Symbol - a cipher broken into pieces, a disconnected message. In ancient times, friends who left for a long time from each other broke a small wooden board and took it with them. In the future, their descendants could find each other by connecting these halves.

Reading Galaktion's poems, you feel that you have met someone very close.

Every Georgian is able to quote him.

Alas, there is "music of the spheres" in his poetry, but it is impossible to translate. You need to know the language to appreciate.

As a child, he studied hypnosis, was fond of mysticism. Apparently he developed some abilities, for he acts on the reader, making him admire, sad, cry or be proud.

And there is also pain. The subtle soul of the Poet perceived everything hypertrophied, and the authorities could not allow a person with such a Power of the Word not to engage in propaganda. They caught his wife, tortured and shot friends and colleagues ...

The stress caused a kind of split personality - Galaktion has two voices, they are preserved in audio recordings. One voice belongs to the Poet - he reads his poems. The other is for an ordinary person, with human problems.

Finally, unable to bear it, the Poet took a step into eternity, literally. He had blood pressure, the hospital could not help, and this turned out to be the last straw, he took the last step from the balcony of this hospital.

As long as Georgia exists, young people will re-read his poems over and over at night, with these verses they will explain in love to their beloved and say toasts, blessing their homeland.

The poet gained immortality, at least in Georgia.

After his death, journalists asked the subject of his love what she thinks about the poet's adoration. She was unaware that Galaktion loved her, despite the verses with her name.

As Shota Rustaveli, who exaltedly loved Queen Tamara, Galaktion drew inspiration from platonic love.

For all the sleepless nights spent in the company of his words, when the soul is twisted and cleared by something unearthly, I want to express my deepest respect to his blessed memory.

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