Billionaire offer


It happened in the USA a long time ago.

A young man named Napoleon was visiting the richest man.

He was interviewing when he heard a job offer.

He was offered a job by a man who spent most of his property on charity. But without material reward.

I repeat, the young, poor Napoleon had to work for the richest person, willingly giving millions to charity, without receiving money.

He agreed, because he received something much valuable - the employer gave letters of recommendation to the richest and most famous people of that time. And Napoleon got the opportunity to talk with them, to ask about the qualities that helped them achieve success.

And he analyzed, isolated the general.

He became a legend, his books became the most popular among the motivational literature.

I have always looked for common things while studying ancient sacred sources. The general is what no one denies, what is close to the truth.

I think it's worth looking at the biographies of famous people with the same approach. Those qualities, those skills that they have in common will be the missing key that we are all looking for so carefully, trying to unravel the mechanism of success, in business, politics, literature or simply in life.

You can follow my example.


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