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"Long speeches are unbearable. Long thoughts to pronounce short, this is the mastery of the speaker" -  a paraphrase of the greatest Georgian poet and philosopher, Shota Rustaveli.

By studying the ancient books, I noticed an interesting detail - in ancient India, when there was a great deal of literature on spirituality, the sutra period began. 

Instead of long treatises, they began to write short sutras, almost incomprehensible without comment. An example -  "Yoga Sutras".

One compiler of the sutras belongs to the phrase that became the motto of the writers of the time:

"The writer rejoices at every superfluous word crossed out, as if he had a son."

I think this motto is relevant in the 21st century, even more than

in antiquity.

Waterfalls of information are falling on us. 

You need to remember this when sharing information through social networks

"The empty barrel is thundering more"

I myself am a sinner in this - I write with pleasure. Sometimes it is longer than necessary.

I overdo with the amount of information in the posts.

"Speech is silver, silence is gold"

Finding a balance between brevity and the amount of useful information is the key to the success of publications on social networks.

Twitter is ideal for improving this skill - expressing long thoughts in a couple of hundred letters.

The frantic rhythm of our time forces us to express thoughts shortly and clearly.

"Speech is silver, silence is golden" 

Matto from Vato

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